Forest Garden Root Gallery

I held a forest garden party this past weekend, with ten super helpful attendees.  We planted out an edible/medicinal understory in two different patches (one sunny and one mostly shaded), and took a closer look at the below-ground parts of some of these beautiful plants.

Any guesses on their identity?




A lot of the above segmented rhizomes are easily propagated by breaking into sections.  This is the best time of year to do it, as the plants are already going dormant or fully dormant, storing their energy for the long, cold wait for spring.  Break larger rhizomes into two or three segments each, and plant them out separately to grow your garden stock more quickly.

These next two, a tuber and a very stolon-like rhizome, look a little different but are still propagable by segment:


Post your guesses!  I’ll post a follow-up with their identities in a few days.

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3 Responses to Forest Garden Root Gallery

  1. Root 1: Unsure
    Root 2: Goldenseal
    Root 3: Solomon’s Seal
    Root 4: Sweet Flag
    Root 5: Ginseng?
    Root 6: Comfrey
    Root 7: Ground Nut
    Root 8: Unsure

  2. thefruitnut says:

    8 looks like wild ginger?

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