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Semi-Strategic Thinking on NTFP’s

Picking up on the topic of non-timber forest (AKA wildcrafting) products, here are what I think are some starting points for understanding their place in the larger healing-the-planet story. 1. NTFP’s are currently economically marginal, and only harvested and used … Continue reading

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Hurricane Links

I’ve spent the last two weeks in pre-semester classes and training for the Ecological Planning program at UVM.  And now we’re getting the tail end of the hurricane and everything’s gotten rearranged.  So it’s a good day for a blog … Continue reading

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Horse and Fish Policy

Swinging towards policy at the moment.  Two items about federal <-> local management of declining heritage wildlife: 1. Read this article (warning: heartbreaking) about the current state of Wyoming’s wild horse population, and the federal and state level removal policies … Continue reading

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Solutions for a Polycrisis World

What stood out for me most from Eric Toensmeier’s really rippin’ keynote at the NOFA summer conference last night was his insistence on multifunctional solutions for a multi-crisis time in history.  We know that First World-caused climate disruption is really, … Continue reading

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NOFA Summer Conference

If anyone’s going to the Northeast Organic Farming Association’s summer conference at UMASS-Amherst this weekend, I’ll be there Friday and Saturday!  I’m presenting on “Wildcrafting and Agroforestry in the Northeast” at 2pm on Friday, Campus Center 805-09.  First session of … Continue reading

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Back in Action, and the Nonreplicability of Data

I didn’t expect to take a month-long hiatus from blog writing.  But I did!  I’ve been exploring the Champlain Valley of northwestern Vermont and meeting its huge lake, interesting forest types, and cool people.  American Basswood everywhere, nice large stands of Solomon’s … Continue reading

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