On a Personal Note

Today I’m moving away from the Connecticut River Valley of western MA, where I’ve lived, minus two stints in California, for the past 6 years.  I’ve gotten to know the land and the people in this valley better than anywhere else on the planet, so it’s a big moment for me to be transitioning out.

I’m headed northwest to the shores of Lake Champlain – Burlington, VT – to begin a two-year M.S. program at UVM in Ecological Planning, the other half of the better-known Field Naturalist Program.  It’s a super rad opportunity for me to go deeper into the content I’m most excited about and be in a focused, intensive, cohesive, yet open-ended and interdisciplinary program.  Also the Champlain Valley is one of the most interesting mini-bioregions of the Northeast (it’s basically the eastern edge of the Great Lakes ecoregion with many species and plant communities found nowhere else in New England) with a very long Abenaki history, a rich farming tradition, and a happening eco-social renewal scene to boot.

A lot to dig into and explore in the next two years.  And I’ll be reporting on some of the juiciest bits of it here – so please keep reading!   Also, if anyone knows Burlington, I would love recommendations about any great places or people you think I should get to know.

So farewell for now, Pioneer Valley, and thank you.

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4 Responses to On a Personal Note

  1. Antoinette Lane says:

    Good Luck Connor with this grand adventure. As far as Burlington hot spots, there is the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory! :o)
    Wishing you well!
    Love, nettie

  2. Gabriela says:

    Aww nuts! As soon as I meet you – you’re heading out! However, I look forward to reading about your experiences, adventures, and stories from the Champlain Valley! This sounds like an incredible opportunity for you so congratulations!!



  3. paige says:

    connor, i’ll miss your bird songs & calls, your story-telling that has been known to leave me weeping, your playful & profound sense of humor, your nuanced wisdom.
    love, paige

  4. keely says:

    I love this blog and the page you set up which came up in my email. Very cool. are you extremely tech savvy to have created this? well done and good luck!!


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