Monday Link Roundup

Moving this week so writing will be light.  But here are some links to pay attention to:

Last week’s announcement of USDA’s Agroforestry Strategic Framework is a big, exciting deal.  Land use systems thinking in the upper reaches of government!  Also Deputy Ag Secretary Kathleen Merrigan is from Greenfield MA, which is in Franklin County where I live, so the whole affair gets a double thumbs up from my perspective.

–There’s a pretty in-depth follow-up conversation going on in the comments of my invasive species post from last week – check it out if you’re curious!

–Arizona is still on fire.  And it’s still because of land use and climate change.  And there’s another excited fire tornado video to watch!  (FYI the audio is obnoxious, suggest keeping it off)

–Two more super-informative articles on nuclear power: a) some fresh reporting on the current Fukushima situation from Al-Jazeera, including reports of a possibly fallout-related infant mortality spike in US West Coast cities, and b) a morbidly fascinating article about the process of decommissioning the Zion, Illinois nuke plant.  Both worth a read.

–Finally, if you live in the Northeast and have any interest in permaculture, land use, or the kind of material this blog writes about, consider coming to the Northeast Permaculture Convergence in High Falls, NY, July 22-24.  Will be a total blast.  Very low one-day rate if you just want to come for Saturday, and a generous sliding scale for the whole weekend.   I’ll be presenting on “zone 5” ecosystem management, and the whole event is a huge learning and networking opportunity.  Come play if you can!

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