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On a Personal Note

Today I’m moving away from the Connecticut River Valley of western MA, where I’ve lived, minus two stints in California, for the past 6 years.  I’ve gotten to know the land and the people in this valley better than anywhere … Continue reading

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Perennial Agriculture and Land Tenure

My friend and I were talking about the challenges facing beginning farmers yesterday.  And one big topic that came up was land access and tenure.  On the access side, land in most high-density parts of the US is priced for … Continue reading

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Monday Link Roundup

Moving this week so writing will be light.  But here are some links to pay attention to: —Last week’s announcement of USDA’s Agroforestry Strategic Framework is a big, exciting deal.  Land use systems thinking in the upper reaches of government! … Continue reading

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Invasive Species Paradigm Shift Underway

There’s a big conversation going around in the ecology world right now, sparked by a two-page article in the journal Nature by 19 (!) co-authors, all prominent ecologists.  They argue for a change in the paradigm around introduced species to reflect … Continue reading

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Two Strange Stories

This: A mountain lion was killed in a car accident in Milford, Connecticut, on Saturday and authorities say the cat may have been the same one spotted this week in nearby Greenwich. Maybe not so strange.  SW Connecticut (and the … Continue reading

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