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We See Things as We Are

I’m in the Maryland Piedmont outside of Washington DC, and a few days ago I was exploring the landscape of my adolescence.  For 6 years, I walked a mile and a half to and from school daily through this patchwork … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring

I’m going to Maryland for a week, where it’s much further on in the season already.  So I’ll miss some New England day-by-day spring (what is the word for that again?  Not phylogeny, but like that…calendar-of-incremental-seasonal-change-in-the-landscape?). Whatever it’s called, here’s … Continue reading

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Oak Woodland Ridgetop Bliss-Out

Went with a friend to Mohawk Trail State Forest in Charlemont, MA for the first time and stumbled upon one of the biggest and coolest oak woodland-almost-savanna environments I’ve seen in New England: Oak woodlands and savannas are, of course, … Continue reading

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“Eastern Cougars” Declared Extinct*

A very interesting announcement in the New York Times: Seven decades after the last reported sighting, the federal Fish and Wildlife Service declared the eastern cougar extinct on Wednesday and recommended that it be removed from the nation’s endangered species … Continue reading

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